Course Officially Open For Invited Guests Only

By | December 19, 2013

You can be one of the first to feast your eyes on this amazing new self publishing video course.

A 20+ year publishing veteran and world renown authority in his field, Bart Baggett, has designed this new insider secret formula to a fast and lucrative self-publishing system which releases to the public on January 1, 2014.  Pre-sales, guest tours, celebrity reviewers, and other snooty and important people are coming in to view the merchandise before it officially goes on sale in 2014. I’ve even been coaxed into giving away an occasional 80% off coupon code to my “best customers” who promised an honest and authentic “review” I can publish on the site.   This select group of individuals are getting early access. If you didn’t receive such and invitation, but would like one … just use the buttons below to come on in. If you found this page, you deserve to be inside the velvet rope.



In 2014, the retail price will be just $1999 and include 6 months of group tele-classes and live trainings.  The course itself contains 7 jammed packed modules of insider strategies and techniques only our $1000 an hour clients and Bart Baggett’s internal team have heard before.  This is brand new and ground breaking for anyone who aspires to be a six or seven figure author, publisher, personality, or world renown speaker.


Yes, Enroll Me now at 80% (4 month payment option) and no live webinars or class
(You are already a member or you don’t want the live class right now.  No problem.)

One Single payment of $399.80
or 4 payments of $111.95



Yes, Enroll Me now at 80% off (4 month payment option) and let me join the Marketing Mastermind at the Charter Member rate of $79 a month as long as I want to attend the 2 classes a month and access the private members site.

4 payments of $111.95  +  $79 / month for the Marketing Mastermind Live Classes.





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