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Premium Bonus: How to Get 63 Amazon Reviews (book)

This short book outlines a specific strategy and marketing campaign to boost your real authentic reviews. Most readers experience 27-300 reviews using this legal and ethical strategy.  When you ad paid Facebook ads to this strategy, you can grab #1 in your category and build an email list all within a few days of your campaign.

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Video: Step 1 – Own The Expertise

Video: Step 1 Own The Expertise


The following audio is not a copy of the video above.  The audio below is
a bonus resources about understanding & eliciting your own deepest values.

Bart Baggett hosted a class about eliciting values and it is available here in audio format.
Download mp3 file here.

choicebaradio mp3icon


To Download you must “Right Click and Save Link as… or Save File as”
The PDF file will download into the file set for downloads by your computer system.


Bart Baggett’s Chapter 4 of the Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy Book.

Password to unlock pdf file  ‘success’.  You will this once it is downloaded and opened.


Video: Step 2 – Find Your Hungry Market

Find Your Hungry Market & Build Your Customer Avatar.


How to use the search engines own research to help find a hungry niche market. This interviews has screenshots and the step-by-step process of using the key word search terms to search and evaluate a potential niche market.   This is a downloadable PDF file. 

Download the Find Your Niche Marketing PDF book

Download the Find Your Niche Marketing PDF book originally written in 2001, but still has very relevant information about targeting a niche market.


Video: Step 3 – Create Your Customer Funnel

What is Your Customer Funnel & Why Does It Matter?

Download the PDF file of the blank customer funnel diagram here.
Print 3-4 copies and fill in the blanks until you are comfortable with the product path of your future customers.

—————— Click on the above icon to start download ———-


Now, watch this short video where Bart Baggett explains a bit more about the customer funnel:


How to one guy used an UGLY Kindle book to get New Clients for his Business Credit Book.  Evaluate his product funnel and learn.

As a bonus, here is a 9 minute video tutorial about how to one guy used an UGLY Kindle book to get new clients higher into his funnel. This is a great example of how to use a book to get high-paying customers into a service business. Also, this video will show you how to use solid research to pick a BETTER TITLE than the one you have now. This video can apply to a free special report, $2.99 kindle book, full book, or Freebie book.



Video: Step 4 – Write Your Book

Write Your Book or Create Your Program Fast

Video #1: by Beth Chrisman & Bart Baggett

Pick a Title, Pick a subtitle, Chapter headings, and the creative process for starting and finishing your book in a few weeks.

Video #2:  How to Write Your Freebie Giveaway


Discover the Secrets to Writing and Publishing Your First Book (Without Losing Your Shirt, Your Mind, or Your Money.)

Hosted by Beth Chrisman and Bart Baggett

Topic: Top 20 Questions about Writing and Publishing Your First Book Presenter: Bart Baggett & Beth Chrisman Video Presentation Available Now

Hosted by Beth Chrisman and Bart Baggett

Discover answers to the TOP 20 frequently asked questions about publishing your first book, becoming a best seller, and not losing your shirt while doing it. Tap into over 20 years of publishing experience and get ANSWERS to the key questions you need to answer before you publish your next book. Whether you are considering self-publishing, Amazon Kindle publishing, or getting a NY agent… this 75 minute event is for you. We will cover everything from getting an agent, self-publishing, printing on demand, and the new opportunities in Kindle’s Amazon platform.   All real questions from real people. Click play on the video below to replay the webinar on your schedule at this solo page.  


Video: Step 5 – Publish, Distribute, Sell

Video: Step 5 Core Training Videos is recorded into three videos including a few bonus items.  This section is dense.  We suggest you take in one bite at a time… in small chunks.


Video Step 5 Part 1:  Choosing Your Distribution Strategy


Video Step 5  Part 2: (Build a Website. Choose an online platform.)


Video Step 5 Part 3: Building Your List .  Includes a discussion about email broadcast, landing pages, squeeze pages, auto-responders and software to help build your list. Running time 59:16.



FREE BONUS. Here are two zipped packets of ready-to-customize html pages for both a two page mini-sites and simple, clean, and easy Squeeze page templates.

Go here and scroll down for the ZIP file icon.

4 Unique Capture / Squeeze Page Templates.   Simple White. Add Your Own headlines, copy, and form code.



Recommended Resources and Software for Automation.




1 Aweber. A leader in dependable auto-responder and an email list hosting service with a rock-solid reputation. Advantages: Good customer service. Solid reputation. 10+ years in the business. Good deliver-ability. Disadvantage: They “force” their new members to “double opt-in” every new subscriber and if you “merge” new names into the database, they “force” you to double opt-in confirm these, too. This will reduce your list by 50%… but will create a very “clean” and “highly responsive” smaller list because all the people this list will really want to be on the list. Use this link to read more :

2. This is an easy-to-learn graphic heavy interface with a good reputation. Advantages: Good customer service. Solid reputation. 7+ years in the business. Good deliver-ability. Allows single OPT-IN and MERGES to your current database. Disadvantage: This company charges you based on the number of “contacts”, even if those contacts are no longer opening your emails or also known as “fake people”.  They also make it VERY VERY VERY difficult to clean your list and remove those contacts that cannot open. Bottom line is this.  Every 500, 1000, 10000 people you add to your list… your bill goes up by hundreds of dollars a month and makes it VERY difficult to reduce the subscriber count. Use this link to read more :



5.  Instant Tele-Seminar (For teleclasses and webinars).

This is the system I use for audio streaming small bits of information, tele-classes, and the tele-bridge for recording coaching calls and/or trainings.

Very very dependable.

Video: Bonus Item – Step 6 – Become An Amazon Best Seller

Promotion is the key to sales, leads, and a thriving database of customers and fans.
Having a ‘best selling book’ is both a badge of credibility and a source of new fans using one of the world’s busiest websites.


Once you have a book published on the Kindle Platform and you have influence of at least 100 real people who care about you ( even a small but loyal email list, 1000 real twitter followers, or dozens or real live Facebook fans), you are read to use this “advanced Kindle Best Seller Strategy”.

—————————–  Download PDF Special Reports Below ———————

Bart Baggett’s How to Become An Amazon #1 Best Seller in 3 Days and $197.

This is the detailed strategy with all emails and step-by-step system for you to follow.
File Name:  BestSellerAmazonBaggettFinal.pdf


Video: Step 6 – Promote, Promote

Step 6 is presented in two CORE videos including some bonus video training.

Step 6:  Part 1:  Free and Low Cost Promotion

Step 6 Part 2:  Internet Marketing and Paid Advertising

This section has two great bonus items.



—- 6 Bonus Videos–

Realize Your Adwords Potential Using Google Analytics – presented by active Google employees


1.  These three videos were presented at a Clickbank conference and I found it really really interesting.


Note: These videos give a broad overview of key Search Engine advertising and SEO content. However, any video over 2 years old is dated in the value of the “details”. So, for google adwords, always keep yourself updated with the latest revisions.


Google Quality Score Secrets (Must have for Google Adwords )


SEO: Search Engine Optimation Basics