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Includes lifetime access to current online member’s training area, 12 videos, 8 Audio MP3 files, 4 PDF books, and bonuses worth $1,000+.
Plus you get full access to this course and all future updates of this course.


This online self-study course will take you step by step through the process of conceiving, writing and publishing your information in a way that creates a world-wide audience, including a residual income.

Now, this seven step in-depth video and audio training is worth ten times what we are charging for it because your career as an author and luminary should be making you 6 to 7 figures a year in revenue.  This program will absolutely explain and walk you through all seven steps to being a successful self-publisher. This is a not a course about taking your word file and placing it on Amazon.com. (Most people who do that languish in the bottom of the sales list and hardly sell one copy a month). We love Amazon, but this course is about the big picture.  It’s not just about Amazon.com and Kindle, even though both are essential pieces to your publishing puzzle.

The reason why my hourly consulting rate is $1000 an hour is because I have insights that only a handful of other people have on the planet related to the publishing, author, and internet marketing world.  I have stuffed 23 years of publishing into this easy to follow online training system.

Look, there are a lot of books on Kindle, Writing a Book, Internet Marketing, and even dozens on self-publishing. None…. None can provide you the step-by-step strategy I have been using for over a decade to create residual income and live a lifestyle most envy. If it were common knowledge, everyone would already be doing it. The system I have created is simple to follow… but it will take work on your part.

If you are NOT willing to learn, work, and apply the strategies… this program is not for you.

Most authors want to start their journey into writing and publishing at step 5, but you will find the most value in approaching self-publishing in an entirely new way with Step 1. If you skip a step or go out of sequence, it could be deadly to your business and your status as a successful author.


Within each step, I explain in massive detail using screen capture videos. For example: as part of Step 2, I take you through the process using a recorded video of which websites, which search engines, and which tools I actually use. It’s like you are standing over my shoulder as I explain such important topics as how to target the right market, how to pick a title, pick a subtitle, how to publish on Amazon, how to find other distributors, and much more.

All of the seven steps are essential to having a lasting online and offline publishing business. This is an international business I will help you create a map and a model for.

This product is ideal for both first time authors and a “God Send” for experienced writers and publishers that haven’t seen the sales numbers you expected when you first decided to write.

Once you enroll, you will be asked to create a user name and login. This will get you unlimited access to all 7 Video Training Modules, all videos, and all the audio and downloadable bonuses (plus any future bonuses we might offer).

At first, I was not going to show you the title of the 7 steps. The reason for this is that I had the fear that the arrogant people in the audience might read the Step titles and say to themselves ” I already know that”. Well, if they did, they would already be making $100,000 a year with their information. So, I’ve decided to give you a quick overview and ask that no matter your level of experience…the content inside each step will provide a system and insight which is “new” for you.

“I just wanted to say Thanks for creating some of the best and useful information when it comes to creating a book and publishing business.  What’s more the strategy to  getting it to #1 in Amazon.com was just the beginning.  The information was easy to follow. I’m filled with confidence and optimism because I finally see the road map to publishing success clearly. I can do it” 
Yours Truly, Brian Forrest

This course is so much more than teaching you how to upload your book to Amazon or even publish on Kindle. Those steps are important (no doubt), but in the context of success, they are merely footnotes in the bigger, more important BLUEPRINT of moving through the 7 step system.

But I must tell you, the bonuses alone are worth far more than the purchase price. I’ve even included HTML templates and all my Rolodex of recommended software programs. But, there is more in the form of audio interviews and mp3 files.

Bonus #1: First, I am giving away one of my best-selling books (which customers around the world pay for every day). I’m doing this for a couple of reasons.

1. So you can see the structure of how we delivery online content.

2.  You can see the process from sale to delivery.  I’ll even show you the sales letter, the behind the scenes technology, the entire sales process, so you can see one model of success. And besides, this 434-page book will help you break through any emotional or mental blocks you might have which extend beyond me giving you the full “map” of success to the self-publishing world.


success secrets book

Bonus #2: Second, I think the most essential and most valuable component of this course is the personal interviews I conducted with some of the wealthiest and successful people on the planet in the publishing, coaching, and speaker business.

This includes a detailed 90-minute interview with the publicist (Mr. MVN) that booked me on over 1,000 radio shows, and we sold up to $30,000 worth of programs in a single day.

I interviewed Mr. J.A., the star of The Secret. He owns a $3 million-a-year “teaching / publishing “ company selling personal development. He talks about the keys to changing your belief system to step up your game as a teacher, author, and coach.

I interviewed Ms. P. She is the founder of a training program for holistic practitioners.  So if one of your skillsets is massage therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy, counseling, or something that would be considered holistic in lifestyle… this will be gold for your business.

In our interview, Ms P. mapped out an exact business model and pricing model to create a six figure business.

I also include an interview with one of America’s highest-paid speakers, Mr. M.  He outlines the exact formula for getting hired to speak onstage in college markets, as well as building a six-figure speaking business.

There’s tons of other bonuses of other interesting million dollar publishers, like Chris Widener. Chris explains why you can publish a book, but publishing a three-hour audio can triple your revenue and expand your audience worldwide in a very short period of time.

There’s a lot of amazing perspectives inside these audio interviews, and they’re all free bonuses. Plus, they include a complete word-for-word transcript, so you can read them as well as listen to the interview with them, so the bonuses alone are worth far more than the course… but that is our philosophy. Over Deliver on Value.

Bonus #3: Facebook is the ultimate advertising platform these days, and you’ll want to take advantage of it to promote and market your book. That’s why I decided to include my course Facebook Marketing for Authors as one of the bonuses for this course.

Bonus #4: Three more extremely valuable trainings from Bart Baggett’s monthly Mastermind group webinars are included as bonuses for this course. Learn how to successfully sell your books on Amazon, launch your book to #1 on Kindle, and get you and your book television publicity!

Bonus #5: Learn the basics of Handwriting Analysis with one of Bart’s bestselling graphology courses: Handwriting Analysis 101.

Bonus #6: HTML squeeze-page templates will save you time and money when you’re ready to start generating leads and building your mailing list.

Even if you never listen to the Bonus Expert Interviews and Webinars however, the Video course explaining the 7 Step Self-Publishing formula will provide all that you need to get started in the self-publishing business.

It’ll give you a step-by-step roadmap to publishing your information in a way that the world can benefit from, get your message out and begin your life as an author, an expert, and a celebrity that has published a book and is recognized worldwide.

It’s a seven-step, self-publishing program.

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