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By | February 20, 2013

I love writers.

Here is my strategy to you (in video) so you can build a platform
and attract other people and companies to come aboard to sell
your writing and help you reach more people.


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Now, my secret weapon for people who really want to “find a publisher”.
She’s not cheap… but worth every penny. Wendy Keller.



How to Cre­ate an Excel­lent, Sal­able Book Proposal

with senior agent Wendy Keller

Non­fic­tion books include every­thing from busi­ness or self-help books to mem­oirs and true crime.

Non­fic­tion books are sold using a very spe­cific, pre­cisely cre­ated doc­u­ment called a “book pro­posal”.

Non­fic­tion books should be sold before they are writ­ten. Learn­ing to craft a strong pro­posal is at least as impor­tant as being able to write the book itself once it is sold, because with­out a good pro­posal, it just won’t get sold.

This video course was recorded in stu­dio. It fea­tures our senior lit­er­ary agent Wendy Keller explain­ing very clearly, step-by-step, the psy­chol­ogy behind a book pro­posal that sells and the exact, pre­cise steps to take to cre­ate one that will attract agents and then pub­lish­ers. Hav­ing sold more than 1,200 deals world­wide in nearly 25 years, Wendy has refined, honed and improved on her method for pro­posal writ­ing to make it as easy and effi­cient for you as pos­si­ble. This is truly the “best of” what she’s taught approx­i­mately 23,000 writer in her career.

In this course, you’ll learn how to cre­ate a well-executed, sal­able book pro­posal that appeals to pub­lish­ing indus­try pro­fes­sion­als. As you com­plete the clear, orga­nized assign­ments in the com­pli­men­tary PDFs, you will be writ­ing a book pro­posal that shows off your book idea in its best light. You’ll also learn what pub­lish­ers (and there­fore agents) are look­ing for and how to get it. You’ll also be given a peek into the way the pub­lish­ing indus­try works on the inside, which is like know­ing the win­ning lot­tery num­bers before you buy the ticket.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Iden­tify whether you and your idea are ready to be sold (and if not, what to do about it now)
  • How to draft and edit your book pro­posal for max­i­mum attraction
  • Learn why some authors get big advances and oth­ers don’t even get contracts
  • Orga­nize and plan your book itself so its eas­ier to write once sold
  • Fig­ure out how you will make your book suc­cess­ful, start­ing today — before it is even sold
  • Write a query email or let­ter to agents that grabs our atten­tion and gets your pro­posal read
  • Under­stand the inner work­ings of the non­fic­tion pub­lish­ing industry
  • Dis­cover how to lever­age your nat­ural apti­tudes, knowl­edge and tal­ents to make your book sell well
  • Pre­pare your­self and your book to work most effec­tively with the peo­ple who help you (agents, editors)
  • Feel con­fi­dent that what you are offer­ing agents and then edi­tors clearly reflects the value of your message

By the end of this video course, you will have:

A sal­able non­fic­tion book pro­posal ready to send out to agents and the abil­ity to get the high­est pos­si­ble advance for your work.

Authors who have learned and applied Wendy’s unique method of pro­posal writ­ing have sold their books to every major pub­lisher and most mid-range pub­lish­ers in the USA and most major Euro­pean publishers.

Simon and Schus­ter, Harper­Collins, Hachette, Ran­dom House, McGraw-Hill, Hype­r­ion, Work­man, Wiley, St. Martin’s, Pen­guin, Macmil­lan and lit­er­ally hun­dreds more pub­lish­ers and imprints worldwide.

The course you’re about to take includes:

  • Video Lessons: Watch a short (10–15 minute) video that will stim­u­late your brain and teach you the WHY behind the com­po­nents of your book pro­posal. There are 5 of them.
  • Assign­ments: Each video comes with a PDF that has your assign­ment. Do the assign­ments sequen­tially, as the logic behind each builds on the one before.

Our goal with this video course is to make Wendy’s pro­foundly suc­cess­ful train­ing avail­able to every non­fic­tion author who longs to cre­ate a sal­able, excel­lent non­fic­tion book pro­posal.

Retail $159. Now just $99


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